Ripplecups came about in the late 1990’s.  At that time we were designing brand concepts for inhouse corporate restaurant and coffee outlets for many of our clients which included the “World’s favourite airline!.

Disposable tea and coffee cups back in the day were typically paper single wall with separate clutches or sleeves (let’s not mention polystyrene!)

Our main client contact Caroline bemoaned the fact that she had to bring staff in early every day to put clutches onto hundreds of cups in preparation for the morning rush.

As part of our presentation for this particular coffee outlet we put forward the idea of a paper cup with an integral rippled sleeve as part of the construction.  Caroline was delighted, placed an order and “Ripplecups” was born.

One drawback was the long delivery times for bespoke designs as well as the high quantity threshold.  Small users like individual coffee shops were restricted to using stock cups which were usually plain.

Thanks to changes and developments in production techniques over recent years we supply bespoke cups in small quantities (minimum order 1,000) usually in a 12 working day window.  Clever black and white designs can be very eye catching and full colour plus special foil finishes give the opportunity of optimising any marketing message.  This gives our clients the opportunity of promoting their brand in a variety of venues and situations.  Apart from tea and coffee cups are widely used for whisky, gin, tequila, rum and vodka tastings and promotions.

Please take a look at our Gallery to see some examples

Ripplecups is a trading name of Spark & Zoom Productions Ltd.

Unless stated otherwise, delivery is free for UK Mainland